Interaction Design isn’t everything… Art instigates, motivates, and inspires.  Here are some interesting artists:

Interactive / Digital Art

Naoko Tosa – pioneering digital artist who engages in the concept called “Cultural Computing”, creating a new frontier of art products to lead society to a richer future.  (Artist site)

Fine Art (fantastic contemporaries)

Jason Burell – Inspiring Drawing/Painting artist & teacher (Faculty page – Personal page) One of his many lessons is that drawing is getting the creative thoughts out of head and into the world and often mentions – “Drawing — the intermediate somewhat between a thought and a thing.” – Coleridge

Denise Burge – quilts as a drawing/ painting medium  (Artist page – Recent work page)

Elizabeth Deubell – Illustration, drawing (Artist page)

Eduardo Monteagudo – Abstract, figure, landscape – Painting (Artist page)

Sarah Pogue – Oil painting, sculpture (Artist’s page)

Tim Prentice – Kinetic sculpture, mobiles (Artist’s page)