Inami Laboratory – Innovative research on the cutting edge of interaction design and electro-computer engineering.

Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) at Google led by Dr. Ivan Poupyrev focuses on the design and development of new sensing paradigms, novel display platforms, and proposals for future manufacturing techniques.

IxDLab at ITU Copenhagen – a space for working with research questions that demands physical explorations into new forms of interaction and into new material and computational expressions.

The Tangible Media Group – MIT based lab led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, explores the Tangible Bits vision to seamlessly couple the dual world of bits and atoms by giving physical form to digital information.

Human Media Lab – led by Professor Roel Vertegaal at Queens University, development of  disruptive technologies and new ways of working with computers that are viable 10 to 20 years from now. Currently focused on Organic User Interfaces (OUI)  paradigm that allows computers to have any shape or form through flexible and non-flat displays.

Partner Technologies Research Group – National University of Singapore research lab led by Professor Kevin McGee, which studies, develops, and teaches about technologies that facilitate and increase human participation in life’s interesting and important challenges.

Techdec – Research lab at UC Irvine led by Bonnie Nardi – Anthropologically-inspired approaches coupled with design techniques to study and create digital technology across cultures and socio-economic groups.

UrbanIxD – a Coordination Action project (2013-2014) European Commission, Future and Emerging Technologies.  Working to define a multidisciplinary research community working in the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments.

Virtual Human Interaction Lab – Research lab at Stanford led by Jeremy Bailenson.  This lab endeavors, “to understand the dynamics and implications of interactions among people in immersive virtual reality simulations (VR), and other forms of human digital representations in media, communication systems, and games.”

NUS HCI Lab – Led by Shendong Zhao at the National University of Singapore, focuses on interfaces and interaction techniques to facilitate creative expressions as well as encourage cooperative social interactions.

AC4D – Austin Center for Design