As a required course in the IT Product Development masters program at Aarhus University, students take part in a 7 week course designing and staging an intervention in the city.  This course builds upon previous courses focused on the scale of the body and the room, yet extends to the scale of the city.  Students analyze current issues, flows, and resources within the city, then design and stage an intervention.  Through video documentation and written report, the designers evaluate their work and provide reflections upon the process and concerns when designing for the urban context.  The design case is usually connected to current issues affecting the city at large or a wider theme such as the 2014 theme of “Happiness, positivity, or humor.”  Examples of student work is provided from 2014, 2013, and 2012.

Smiley — a wall of happiness (Designed in 2014 by: Kenneth Baagøe, Thomas Winding, Asbjorn Stensgaard)

Happiness-To-Go (Designed in 2014 by: Christian Østergaard Laursen, Anders Høedholt, Michael Ha)

The High Five Counter (Designed in 2014 by: Franziska Sauka, Simon Männlein, Jonathan Phonevilay)

Facebook Travels (Designed in 2014 by: Jeppe Stougaard, Denis Chris Christiansen, Victor Staffe)

Mood Gate (Designed in 2012 by: Tom Quast, Marcus, and Jonas)