This page provides links to the sites of collaborators on previous and/or ongoing projects.  Visit their sites, they are all fantastic! (alphabetical_lastname)

Charith Fernando – PhD from Keio University, Charith is an amazing technical resource with a mind for creativity and innovation.

Peter Gall Krogh – Professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture who leads the REform platform which conducts teaching and research on the design of change.  Professor Krogh established the REform platform, drawing upon his background in the design of physical objects, but also the design of IT systems, which has become a means along many others in pursuit of sustainability through social innovation.

Christian Ø Laursen – Shape Changing Interfaces designer, Robot master, IT Product development MSc student. Portfolio for Christian Ø Laursen

Kevin McGee – Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore who leads the Partner Technologies Research Group. With a background in artificial intelligence gained from the leaders in the field, Professor McGee provides leadership in education and research at the Interactive and Digital Media Institute, NUS.  Kevin studied under Marvin Minsky, Seymour Papert, and extended their research into middle-manager agents that explain key elements in the development of the human mind.

Mie Nørgaard – Design researcher and interaction designer, Mie Nørgaard has worked with sketching to support reflection, understanding and discussion since the mid-00s. She has used rapid sketching with a variety of design materials for research and educational purposes, inter alia, KU, ITU, the AU and the Aarhus School of Architecture as an integral part of modern practice in interaction and experience design.

Roshan Lalintha Peiris – PhD from National University of Singapore, Roshan researches technologies ranging from wearables to human hamster interaction.  technically savvy and creatively brilliant!

Nimesha Ranasinghe – PhD from National University of Singapore, Nimesha is known for his work on various projects, most recently, Digital Taste Stimulation.

Ted Selker – Ted spent ten years as an associate Professor at the MIT Media Laboratory where he created the Context Aware Computing group, co-directed the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project, and directed the Counter Intelligence/Industrial Design Intelligence/Kitchen of the Future/ Product Design of the Future Project.  He has been responsible for profitable and award-winning products, ranging from notebook computers to operating systems, including the TrackPoint in-keyboard pointing device used in many notebook computers.

Pedro de Azambuja Varela – An architect disguised as a computer scientist disguised as an architect.  Pedro is a multi-talented research scholar whose architectural design work involving technology and stereotomic forms push the boundaries of architecture research.


…more to come, just a little behind in updates!