Hi! My name is Tim Merritt! Welcome to my research and design portfolio!

The exclamation mark “!” conveys strong feelings and passion! I’m passionate about interaction design (IxD)! It is important to me that we design technology for empowering people to achieve more together, to play harder, and to thrive in all of the pursuits of life!

ProjecTables: Augmented CNC Tools for Sustainable Creative Practices

Balancing User and System Control in Shape-Changing Interfaces

Robot-supported Food Experiences

bots! – Robots as partners

CNC cutting tools as partners for design and production

Augmented Kiteboarding: Technologies for Extreme Contexts

Tangible Lights: Gestural Control of Lighting

VAL: Visually Augmented Laser cutting

Shape-changing Interfaces

CorkVault: Digital Tools of Fabrication for Architecture

Cooperation with Human and Computer Team-mates

Design Method Cards

Age Invaders: Physical and Social Mixed Reality Games

Who Makes What Sound? Visualization Tools for Musicians

Body Music: Physical Exploration of Music Theory

Bacteria-based Displays: Empathetic Biological Media

Babbage Cabbage: Empathetic Biological Media

Box-O-Blocks: Toys for Teaching Architectural Concepts

Petimo: Safe Social Network Robot for Children