ReFlex Shape-Changing Mobile Phone

Balancing User and System Control in Shape-Changing Interfaces

Robot placed birthday candles

Robot-supported Food Experiences

Robot: ABB 6620

bots! – Robots as partners

CNC cutting tools

CNC cutting tools as partners for design and production

Augmented Kiteboarding

Augmented Kiteboarding: Technologies for Extreme Contexts

Tangible Lights

Tangible Lights: Gestural Control of Lighting

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 15.32.50

VAL: Visually Augmented Laser cutting

Shape-changing Interfaces

Shape-changing Interfaces


CorkVault: Digital Tools of Fabrication for Architecture

Team-mates and games

Cooperation with Human and Computer Team-mates

Design Method Cards

Design Method Cards

Age Invaders Gameplay Overview

Age Invaders: Physical and Social Mixed Reality Games

Who Makes What Sound?

Who Makes What Sound? Visualization Tools for Musicians

Body Music: System Overview

Body Music: Physical Exploration of Music Theory

Empathetic Living Media

Bacteria-based Displays: Empathetic Biological Media


Babbage Cabbage: Empathetic Biological Media


Box-O-Blocks: Toys for Teaching Architectural Concepts


Petimo: Safe Social Network Robot for Children