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  • Wiring – open-source programming framework for microcontrollers and predecessor to Arduino created at IDII by Hernando Barragán
  • Arduino – leader in physical computing hardware/software for the masses.  The Linux of the electronics world–awesome opensource physical computing and prototype-enabling microcontroller system.
  • Fritzing – – Provides a software application to design, plan, and build circuit boards.  They offer a service to build and deliver the final PCBs, shields for Arduino, etc.  Aside from the paid for services, the free software makes the drawing of circuit diagrams super simple and of professional quality!
  • Firefly – Rhinoceros + Grasshopper + FireFly joins 3D virtual objects with physical computing enabling parametric control, sensing, and actuation in the physical and virtual world.  Sounds crazy, but go to the gallery page for the many sample projects.


  • Aarhus – Elektronik Lavpris sells electronic components, tools, and supplies
  • Germany – EXPTech sells electronic components, etc.
  • Sparkfun – Electronics and DIY hacking supplies.  One of the best in the biz!
  • Servos – Giantshark in the UK has a good selection, great prices
  • Deal Extreme – cheap gadgets and electronic components
  • Farnell – electronics, tools, supplies