Interaction design and product design portfolios including previous students (alphabetical_lastname)

Kevin Andersen –

Niels Astrup –

Michael Ha –

Miguel Ruiz-Hansen –

Anders Høedholt –

Christian Ø. Laursen – www.coel.dk

Isak Nuur –

André Schmidt –

Jonas Techen –


Interaction/Industrial Design portfolios that are amazing! 

Mathew Kipling – &

Radost Radoslavova –

Robby Leonardi –

Jason Smith –

Matt Gill –

Kyle Thacker –

Dave Werner –

Simon Pan –

Anthony Goodwin –

Eva Kaniasty –


Design Firms

W12 –

Visionaries 777 –

Designit –

Design People –

Kollision –


Other creative portfolios

Gary Choo –

Maya Lahmy –


Tips and guidance

Portfolio Handbook – the 2012 Industrial Design class at University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program created an essential guide on creating a portfolio.  It is free, but worth its weight in gold!

Jon Kolko provides tips –  founder of the Austin Center for Design portfolio suggestions for designers

UX Magazine article – tips on a successful UX portfolio

Slideshare – tips for UX portfolios by Mary Wharmby


Portfolio hosting sites

Cargo Collective – personal publishing platform aimed at creating accessible tools and a networked context to enhance the exposure of talented individuals on the Internet.

Coroflot – created by Core77, this is an excellent free portfolio site to show your work and discover the work of thousands of designers

Behance – Portfolios related to Interaction Design

Artstation – Fine art and visual media

Dribbble – Show and tell for designers

DeviantArt – a site for artists and designers to share their work

Artstation – showcases for the creative industries including movies and games

Ello – art and design inspiration