This is the research and design portfolio of Tim Merritt. I design and study emerging technologies that help people in the contexts of work, play, and creative pursuits.

FeetBack the Shape-changing Floor

Interactions with swarms of robots and drones

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Play with Flying LEGO!

LightBee: holographic light field drone

Robert Robot facilitates creative play with children

MeteorQuest – Bringing Families Together with a Mobile Game

GridDrones flown by Rick Astley!

GridDrones: programmable matter

Grand Challenges in Shape-Changing Interface Research

TeleHuman2: Hologrammatic telepresence without glasses!

Flying LEGO® bricks and drones

GlowPhones: navigation and gameplay with light!

Calming Children When Drawing Blood Using Breath-based Biofeedback

CADLens: Haptic Feedback for Navigating in 3D Environments

ProjecTables: Augmented CNC Tools for Sustainable Creative Practices

CAADRIA 2016 Parametric Wall Workshop

Balancing User and System Control in Shape-Changing Interfaces

Robot-supported Food Experiences

bots! – Robots as partners

CNC cutting tools as partners for design and production

Augmented Kiteboarding: Technologies for Extreme Contexts

Tangible Lights: Gestural Control of Lighting

VAL: Visually Augmented Laser cutting

Shape-changing Interfaces

CorkVault: Digital Tools of Fabrication for Architecture

Cooperation with Human and Computer Team-mates

Design Method Cards

Age Invaders: Physical and Social Mixed Reality Games

Who Makes What Sound? Visualization Tools for Musicians

Body Music: Physical Exploration of Music Theory

Bacteria-based Displays: Empathetic Biological Media

Babbage Cabbage: Empathetic Biological Media

Box-O-Blocks: Toys for Teaching Architectural Concepts

Petimo: Safe Social Network Robot for Children