List of Publications

My research is focused on the design and development of technologies to support people in work, play, and creative activities.

Specifically, I am interested in how and why people respond as they do to technology–and how we can bring about positive change through design. I do this through the two main strands of research including 1) Novel Interfaces – the design, development, and evaluation of novel interfaces to support human activity and experiences 2) Tools for Design and Digital Fabrication – development and research focused on tools for digital fabrication, sustainability, and the changing models of industrial production.

Novel interfaces

Technology is becoming a partner in various aspects of modern life.  The tools being developed today can take an active role alongside people.  It is important to explore how digital tools can empower people to achieve more, support them in creative activities, and take advantage of the full potential of the human body.  The main areas of research include the following:

Social Responses to Technology – Do we treat computers like people?

Shape Changing Interfaces – Buttons can be better than touchscreens–shape changing objects can be the buttons of the future.  How can we design active physical objects to support people in a complex world?

Digital Fabrication

Tools for Design, Creativity, and Performance  – How can digital tools become partners which help people to design, create, and perform in the physical and virtual worlds?


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