As a required course in the IT Product Development masters program at Aarhus University, students take part in a 7 week course that introduce students to an understanding of space as a concept that has many applications in the design of interactive systems and experiences. In addition, the course aims at, through theoretical and practical work with spatial concepts, providing experience and understanding of how interaction designers can actively exploit the understanding of the space of the room in relation to man and in view of the creation of interactive spaces.

The design case for the course has involved explorations of various contexts including the design of:  installations in museums of science, history, art, medical, & experiences in botanical gardens. In 2015/2016 the class received support from the beverage industry to develop and exhibit interactive prototypes taking departure in the possibilities of automated bar equipment. Micro Matic, a world leading manufacturer of beer tap and keg equipment and Royal Unibrew asked the 9 student groups to design interactive bar experiences of the future. Installations involve the design of physical as well as virtual content to deliver experiences that support the objectives of the museums, restaurants, cafes, gardens, and other social spaces.

We have worked with various clients including:

Micro Matic        Royal Unibrew      AU_logo_UK_bla_e

In the following video, one of the groups from the 2012/2013 course provide a walk through of their installation, “The Tanned Teens,” which aims to engage young museum visitors into the discussion about tanning and culturally driven ideals of body image.  In this example, the installation avoids persuading the visitor, yet provides a surprising twist forcing self reflection about our beliefs and preferences related to tanning.

The Tanning Teens (Designed in 2012/2013 by: Kasper Knop Rasmussen, Christian Brandt Møller, Morten Kjeldsen Kusk, Simon Hønnerup Nielsen)