Here are the titles of courses taught in the corporate setting as well as university courses at the Bachelor and Master level.  More details and resources will be provided soon.

Master’s level courses at Aarhus University/Aarhus School of Architecture 2012-2017

  • 3D Prototyping – MSc level: Introduction to digital fabrication tools that enable designers to iterate and refine their designs.  This course culminates with a final project that involves an artifact that has physical form printed on an additive printer and involves embedded electronic components.  Game controllers have been used as a design case yielding interesting results!
  • Interactive Spaces – MSc level: Students learn to design for interaction within the scale of room sized environments.  The design case is typically the design or re-design of museum installations taking advantage of the possibilities provided by digital technologies.
  • Urban Interventions – MSc level: At the scale of the city, students analyze current issues, flows, and resources within the city, then design and stage an intervention.  The design case is usually connected to current issues affecting the city at large.
  • Shape-changing Interfaces – MSc level: Students learn to design shape changing artifacts and explore the aesthetics of various sensors and actuators that enable their designed artifacts.
  • IT Innovation – MSc level: Intensive course conducted in close partnership with a corporate sponsor organization (previous sponsors include LEGO, Volkswagen, etc.).  Students utilize their skills and knowledge in a complete design cycle in a compressed format.  This class is a mandatory class for students completing their 4th year.

Master’s thesis supervision

  • Human-Robot Collaboration in Architectural Design, Søren Pedersen & Christian Østergaard Laursen (2016)
  • A Window into the Soul of the Photographer: Learning Photography through Haptic Communication, Michael Ha (2016)
  • Confidential thesis at Volkswagen AG, Human Machine Interface Group, Miguel Ruiz-Hansen (2016 NDA expires 2020/2025)
  • Confidential thesis at Volkswagen AG, Human Machine Interface Group, Denis Chris Christiansen (2016 NDA expires 2020/2025)
  • ScrAPP: Mobile Technologies to Support Sustainability for CNC Cutting Machines in Creative Environments, Thomas Winding, Asbjørn Stensgaard (2016)
  • Confidential thesis at Volkswagen AG, Human Machine Interface Group (2016 NDA expires 2020/2025)
  • Shape-Changing Interfaces Toolkit for Designers, Rune Haugaard, Kristoffer Winge. (2015)
  • News Consumption on Google Glass, Troels Rasmussen, Tom Quast. (December 2014)
  • Tactile Communication in Extreme Contexts: Exploring the Design Space Through Kiteboarding. André Schmidt, Mads Kleemann. (December 2014)
  • Exploring In-Air Gestural Control of Home Lighting, Oskar D. Andersen, Tor Sørensen (December 2014)

Bachelor level courses

  • Physical Computing – BSc level: Fundamentals of designing for interaction in the physical world.
  • Physical Design – BSc level: Introduction to form-giving and design of digitally augmented physical artifacts.
  • IT Product Design – BSc level: Intensive course that involves the complete design cycle in a compressed format to activate the skills and knowledge of the first year computer science students.


  • Enterprise management projects that involve the implementation of new technologies or process require knowledge sharing.
  • The most effective results have been gained when documentation of processes and technologies are shared with key individuals in the organization who take ownership, train others on the new processes, and maintain the new system going forward.
  • We have developed instructor led knowledge transfer sessions for projects involving various Enterprise Management tools (HP Openview/Sitescope, NetIQ, Open NerveCenter, Operations Manager, Security Management Suites, among others).
  • With PMP certified project management resources, and experiences ranging across the enterprise (security, messaging, database, human resources, sales, marketing, production, etc.) we work with our clients to ensure the training effort supports existing change management, documentation, corporate policy and culture.



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